Satellite DCA

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Description Link Netaphor SiteAudit 7.9 Release Notes Data List - Available tables and fields Network Traffic Guide - How Discovery Works

2 Creating and Configuring Satellite DCA Discovery

This article describes how to create a Satellite DCA and configure its discovery information. Introduction A Satellite DCA (Data Collection Agent) plays a crucial role in discovering and monitoring print devices outside the corporate network. Unlike the central…

3 Importing Organization and Discovery for Satellite DCAs

This support article outlines the process of importing organization and discovery information specifically for Satellite DCAs (Data Collection Agent). To assist you in this process, a sample import file is provided at the end of this article, serving as a…

4 Manually Configuring Discovery for Your Satellite DCA

Configuring Discovery for Your Satellite DCA Configuring discovery for a Satellite DCA follows the same process as configuring discovery for the Central DCA. Follow the steps below to configure discovery for your Satellite DCA. Access Setup > Discovery…

5 Satellite DCAs in Netaphor SiteAudit Hosted

Satellite DCAs in Netaphor SiteAudit Hosted In the ever-evolving landscape of printer management, organizations are seeking efficient and comprehensive solutions to monitor their printing infrastructure. Netaphor SiteAudit, a leading provider of print management…