Creating and Configuring Satellite DCA Discovery

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This article describes how to create a Satellite DCA and configure its discovery information. 


A Satellite DCA (Data Collection Agent) plays a crucial role in discovering and monitoring print devices outside the corporate network. Unlike the central DCA, which operates within the primary corporate environment, the Satellite DCA allows for the discovery of print devices residing on networks that are not logically connected to the corporate network. This article will guide you through the process of creating a Satellite DCA and configuring its discovery information.

Important Note: Satellite DCAs should only be used with new customers. Attempting to segment an existing customer to use multiple DCAs is not supported and can lead to database corruption. Therefore, it is essential to install Satellite DCAs only in networks that have not been monitored with the central DCA. 

Hosted Satellite DCA

Satellite DCAs are supported exclusively in Hosted environments for new customers using version 7.7 and later.

Creating a Satellite DCA

Satellite DCAs can be created within the Hosted SiteAudit Viewer. Follow the steps below to create one or more Satellite DCA.

  1. Select the customer from the Quick Select dropdown menu.

  2. Go to Setup > DCA Configuration in the menu options.

  3. Click the New button to create a new Satellite DCA.

  4. Provide a name for the Satellite DCA. This name will be used to reference the DCA throughout the product.

    Note: In this article, we will reference the name "My Satellite DCA" for the created Satellite DCA.

To generate the download link for the Satellite DCA, follow these steps:

  1. Select the DCA name ("My Satellite DCA") in the table.
  2. Click the "Download Url..." button.
  3. Save the URL file.
  4. To copy the URL, simply right-click on the URL file and choose "Properties..." from the menu.
Prior to sending the link to your customer, configure discovery for the DCA as described in the article, Manually Configuring Discovery for Your Satellite DCA. Alternatively, discovery and organization information can be imported for Satellite DCAs following the guidelines in the article, Importing Discovery and Organization for Satellite DCAs.