SiteAudit Control Panel Installation

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This article describes how to obtain and install the SiteAudit Control Panel

Installing SiteAudit Control Panel

Prior to installing the SiteAudit Control Panel, ensure the machine meets the required Platform Requirements 

The first time the SiteAudit Control Panel is installed, the installer application must be obtained using a download link provided by the SiteAudit administrator. The link navigates the user to the Control Panel download page which contains a link to download the software. 

Extracting the Installer

The Control Panel download is a .zip file.  This file must be extracted to a folder before starting the file. The instructions below describe how to extract and run the installer software

Extract Installer from Download ZIP

The Control Panel download is a compressed ZIP file. This file must be extracted before installing the software.  

  1. Navigate to your download folder
  2. Right-click the file and select Extract All... from the menu options

  3. Extract the content to the desired location

  4. Open the SiteAuditControlPanelInstaller folder and double-click the Control Panel msi file to begin the installation

Once the installation completes, the Control Panel application starts automatically. This can take a minute or two.