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Description Link Netaphor SiteAudit 7.9 Release Notes Data List - Available tables and fields Network Traffic Guide - How Discovery Works

2 Creating and Using DCF Files with SiteAudit

Creating and Using DCF Files with SiteAudit Starting with Netaphor SiteAuditâ„¢ Hosted version 7.0, features and integrations use DCF files (.sadcf) to connect to desired customer databases for data retrieval. SiteAudit products like Notifier, Scheduled Reports,…

3 Scheduled Report Options

SiteAudit Reports can be generated using the C:\Program Files\Netaphor\SiteAudit\SiteAuditScheduledReports.exe application. This application can be run directly from the Command Prompt, or from a .bat file and is most commonly used with the Microsoft Task…