How to Setup Automatic DCA Restart

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How to Setup Automatic DCA Restart

This article describes a method to have the Netaphor SiteAudit Monitor service restart automatically in cases where the service has stopped unexpectedly.

These steps can be used to configure the Recovery actions in Windows Services.

Setting Recovery Actions in Windows Services

  1. First, download the attached zip file, then extract the RestartMonitor.bat file onto the machine where the DCA runs.
  2. From the Windows Search bar, enter "Services", then open the Services App.
  3. Find and double click the Netaphor SiteAuditâ„¢ Monitor service to open its Properties.

  4. Select the Recovery tab.  See the image below to see how the service can be configured.

  5. For the Run a Program option, you must enter the location where the extracted batch file was saved.  Click Browse, then navigate to and select the RestartMonitor.bat file.
  6. Click Apply.

Stop Monitoring from SiteAudit Viewer

Note that the method described in this article will not affect the normal method of stopping monitoring through the SiteAudit Viewer menu, Tools > Stop Monitoring.

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