Importing Organization and Discovery for Satellite DCAs

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This support article outlines the process of importing organization and discovery information specifically for Satellite DCAs (Data Collection Agent). To assist you in this process, a sample import file is provided at the end of this article, serving as a helpful starting point for creating your organization import template.

By default, the entries in the Organization_Import_Template.csv file are utilized for configuring the Central DCA. The Central DCA serves as the primary DCA in your environment, responsible for the discovery and monitoring of print devices. It plays a critical role by offering centralized control over notifications and various processes. In addition to the Central DCA, Satellite DCAs are employed for discovering and monitoring devices located in remote or disconnected areas of your network. These Satellite DCAs are essential for extending monitoring capabilities to regions that the Central DCA may be unable to cover or where it is not configured for monitoring.

Importing the Organization and Discovery information for Satellite DCAs follows the same process as importing this data for the Central DCA. The key distinction lies in specifying the Satellite DCA in the last column labeled "DCA" within the import file. This ensures that the organization and discovery information is correctly associated with the respective Satellite DCA.

In the above example, the organization and discovery will be imported for 4 DCAs.

  1. The Central DCA - all entries that DO NOT have a value in the DCA column.
  2. Satellite1 DCA - one range is defined.
  3. Satellite2 DCA - one network is defined.
  4. Satellite3 DCA - two IP addresses are defined.

Satellite DCA Creation

Please take note that it is crucial to create the Satellite DCA prior to importing data using the organization template. For detailed instructions on creating Satellite DCAs, please refer to the Creating Satellite DCAs article.

Refer to Importing Your Organization and Discovery Using the SiteAudit Asset Tool for details about creating the organization import template.

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