Obtaining The Netaphor Event Log For SiteAudit

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Netaphor Event Log

SiteAudit writes event messages to the Netaphor event log located in the Event Viewer. This log file contains information about monitoring cycles, resource consumption, and other SiteAudit functions. This event log is crucial in evaluating system performance and troubleshooting problems that may have occurred. Support personnel may occasionally ask for the Netaphor event log when helping to resolve a reported issue.

Submitting Netaphor Event Logs

There are two ways in which one can submit the event logs to Netaphor support

  1. Email the event logs directly from within the SiteAudit Viewer (see instructions below)
  2. Obtaining the Netaphor Event Logs without using the SiteAudit Viewer Mail Service and then Emailing the logs to Netaphor Support

Sending an Event Log Directly From within the SiteAudit Viewer

  1. Open SiteAudit Viewer
  2. Click the 'Diagnostics' tab
  3. Select 'Email Event Log...'

Once that 'Email Event Log...' has been selected, a new dialogue will appear.

A suggestion is to replace your companies name in the fields "Sender's email address: " and "Display name: ", the reason for replacing the information is so that Netaphor Support will know where the email originates from.

The figure below demonstrates replacing the information in the fields "Sender's email address: " and "Display name: "

Adding new Recipients.

Click the 'Add...' button to add more recipients that will receive an email of the event logs

Obtaining the Netaphor Event Logs without using the SiteAudit Viewer Mail Service and then Emailing the Logs to Netaphor Support

The Netaphor event logs have been changed in version 6.4 and are now located in the following folder as .CSV files: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Netaphor\SiteAudit\Logs\EventLogs. A separate event log exists for each SiteAudit application that runs on the machine. On machines that run the data collection agent (DCA), there will be a minimum of two log files: One for the SiteAudit Viewer and one for the DCA or the SiteAudit monitoring service.

Copy the CSV files directly from the folder and send to It is best to zip the files before emailing them to reduce the file size and to prevent mail servers from stripping the attachments from the email

Netaphor Event Log for Hosted Clients

In Hosted environments, the Netaphor event log is obtained from the machine where the Hosted Client is installed unless otherwise specified

Remote Logger

A remote logging service is available for customer use. This makes it possible to send SiteAudit event log messages to a remote server administered by Netaphor Software Inc. for the purpose of troubleshooting issues. This service can be activated/deactivated at any time to allow events to be viewed in real time by Netaphor support personnel. To learn more about remote logging capabilities, please view the article Enable Remote Logging.