Mail Server Configuration - Using a Third Party Mail Service

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The SiteAudit monitoring service is the application that sends email on behalf of SiteAudit.  Therefore, the SMTP server must be accessible from the machine where the monitoring service runs.  

Mail Server Configuration

One must configure the SMTP server parameters in the Mail Server Configuration form, which can be accessed from the Setup menu.  

  • Enter the DNS name or IP address of the SMTP server
  • Enter the SMTP port.  This is port 25 by default.  The port may differ if using SSL.  For example, Gmail uses port 587 for secure communication.
  • Check the Use encryption and Use authentication boxes if necessary and enter the email account user name and password

Using a Third Party SMTP Server

It may be desirable to use a third party SMTP server to send SiteAudit notifications and reports.  The following is an example showing how to configure SiteAudit to use Gmail to send email over a secure connection.  Depending on the environment and the notification configuration, it is possible to send many emails in a short period.  Therefore, one should take precaution to ensure that a third party SMTP server does not block these email.

Once the SMTP information has been entered, it is prudent to confirm that email works using the Test mail configuration section (see below).  

Testing the SMTP Server Configuration

This example shows how to test to confirm that the SMTP server is properly configured.  Simply enter a Deliver to email address and a validly constructed Sender's email address.  Press the Send test message and confirm that the recipient receives a test email from SiteAudit.  If this test fails, then there is a problem with the SMTP information that has been entered.  Correct and verify that the information is accurate and test again.  This test must pass in order for SiteAudit to send email.

Confirming that SiteAudit Monitor Service Can Send Email

Once you have confirmed that the SMTP server information is correct and email was received, then it is important to test whether or not the SiteAudit monitoring service can send email.  This must be done while the monitoring service is running.

To do this, first start the SiteAudit monitoring service.  Once this is running, the Send test message from monitoring service button will be present on the Mail Server Configuration form. Fill in the Test mail configuration information as described above and click the Send test message from monitoring service button.  If this test succeeds, then SiteAudit can send email in this environment as long as the SMTP server is working and is accessible from the machine where SiteAudit monitoring is running. 

If the test succeeds when using Send test message button but fails when using the button Send test message from monitoring service, then this means that the credentials used for the SiteAudit monitoring service are not permitted to send email through the SMTP server.  Access must be given to this account.  By default, the Netaphor SiteAudit Monitor service Log On uses the Local System account (see below).  If using This account,  then the credentials entered must be allowed to send email on the SMTP server. 

If using Integrated security to access the SiteAudit database as shown in the screenshot below, then SiteAudit uses the credentials of the user who logged into the machine.  Make sure this user is authorized to send email from the specified SMTP server.

If using SQL authentication to access the SiteAudit database, then these credentials must be allowed to send email through the SMTP server.