Upgrading SiteAudit On-Site

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This article describes how to upgrade SiteAudit OnSite to a newer version of the software. There are two aspects to the upgrade: 

1) Upgrading the SiteAudit software  
2) Upgrading the SiteAudit database

An upgrade can take from a few minutes to several hours. The duration of the upgrade process depends on many factors such as,

  • How many devices are in the inventory
  • How long devices have been monitored
  • The type of devices in the inventory
  • The system resources and infrastructure
  • The types of changes made to the database

DO NOT stop the upgrade process once it has started. Doing so can corrupt the database and will require that the original backup be restored and the upgrade process restarted. The software will prompt the user once the upgrade is complete. 

The following video demonstrates the SiteAudit OnSite upgrade process.

Upgrade ALL SiteAudit Viewers

In some environments, many users may have installed the SiteAudit Viewer to view, analyze data, run reports, etc. It is important to upgrade all SiteAudit Viewer instances. 

Upgrade Process

  • Stop the monitoring service and close all SiteAudit Viewers
  • Create a .bak backup of the database (refer to the following articles: Creating a .BAK Backup in SiteAudit or Database Backup Using SQL Management Studio)
  • Install the new version of SiteAudit
  • Open the SiteAudit Viewer (on the machine where the upgrade is done)
  • Click Yes on the dialog that appears indicating that the database schema must be upgraded
  • Install the database schema from Database Configuration > Maintenance > Install menu
    • The upgrade can take from a few minutes to several hours to complete depending on the type and quantity of inventory and length of data collection
    • Clicking on the application during upgrade may cause a Not Responding message to appear. Do not force the upgrade process to terminate. The upgrade will continue and a message will appear indicating that the upgrade has completed.
  • Acknowledge the dialog that informs that the upgrade has completed
  • Click OK to close the Database Configuration dialog. At this point it may take several seconds to a minute for the Viewer to open while final upgrade changes are completed
  • Start the monitoring service
Upgrade Progress

Upgrades can take several hours to complete for large databases. The upgrade time depends on the quantity and type of devices in the inventory, the length of time that monitoring has occurred, and the type of changes that exist in the new software. DO NOT STOP the upgrade once it has started even if the Viewer displays a Not Responding message. A dialog will appear once the upgrade completes.

The Viewer may take a few minutes to open the first time it is started after an upgrade while final updates complete. During this time, do not force the application to close.