1 Scheduled Report Options

SiteAudit Reports can be generated using the C:\Program Files\Netaphor\SiteAudit\SiteAuditScheduledReports.exe application. This application can be run directly from the Command Prompt, or from a .bat file and is most commonly used with the Microsoft Task…

2 Scheduling Reports in SiteAudit

Scheduling Reports in SiteAudit This document describes how to schedule reports in Netaphor SiteAuditâ„¢. Any report created in SiteAudit can be scheduled for periodic archival and delivery to email recipients. Once a report is scheduled, no human intervention…

3 Using Windows Task Scheduler

This article describes how to configure the Windows Task Scheduler to deliver a SiteAudit report. Using Windows Task Scheduler To Generate Reports Sample Argument for On-Site Solutions Sample Argument for Hosted Solutions Using Windows Task Scheduler to Generate…