Asset Tool - Device Type Enumeration

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Device Type Enumeration

When SiteAudit has knowledge of the printer device type, it automatically populates this information. However, there may be instances where you want to modify or add data for a specific printer. In such cases, the Device Type can be changed using the Asset Tool. 

To change the Device Type, refer to the table below, which provides the corresponding value to enter in the device_type column based on the desired printer type. Simply add the appropriate number associated with the printer in the device_type column to make the necessary change.

ValueDevice Type
Single Function 
Wide Format 
Label Printer 
Line Printer 

Example of device_type column in Excel with the associated value from the table above.

Asset Information Export

A common practice is to export the asset information using the Asset Tool, make the necessary modifications, and then import the updated file. It is important to note that when performing the import using this process, only the rows that have been changed need to be imported.