Asset Tool - About the Netaphor SiteAudit™ Asset Tool

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About Netaphor SiteAuditâ„¢ Asset Tool

Efficient printer management necessitates robust tools that simplify configuration, data management. Netaphor SiteAudit's Asset Tool is a powerful solution specifically designed to centralize and streamline these critical tasks, empowering organizations with enhanced control and flexibility over their printer fleet. In this article, we will delve into the key features and benefits of the Asset Tool, enabling businesses to optimize their printing infrastructure and make well-informed decisions.

The Asset Tool transcends basic configuration and data management, offering comprehensive capabilities that empower administrators to effortlessly generate detailed reports showcasing essential printer information, custom fields, and asset details. These comprehensive reports play a pivotal role in facilitating informed decision-making by enabling organizations to identify optimization opportunities, monitor printer performance, and align resources according to their specific business requirements. The Asset Tool is an indispensable tool that greatly enhances the capabilities of SiteAudit, ensuring that organizations can effectively utilize printer data for better operational outcomes. By leveraging the advanced features of the Asset Tool, businesses can streamline their printer management processes, achieve greater efficiency, and unlock valuable insights that drive productivity. 

While the SiteAudit Asset Tool has been available as a stand-alone application since version 7.0, it has now been seamlessly integrated into the Viewer in version 7.7, offering a unified experience for users.

This versatile tool empowers administrators to perform various crucial actions:

  1. Import Company Organization: Import your organization's department addresses, contacts, networks, and other pertinent details. This time-saving feature enhances the organization and analysis of your printer fleet, enabling data visualization, analysis, and reporting by department, sub-department, or the entire organization.
  2. Import Discovery Networks Parameters: The Asset Tool allows users to import network discovery parameters, streamlining the process of finding printers. By configuring discovery data for all Central and Satellite DCAs from a centralized location valuable time is saved.
  3. Associate Networks with Departments: Seamlessly associate networks with departments, facilitating automatic printer assignment. With organization department hierarchies and associated discovery data, SiteAudit automatically links printers to the appropriate departments. This integration enables effortless analysis and reporting of printer information by department, subdepartment, or the entire organization, optimizing resource allocation and cost management.
  4. Create, Delete, and Modify Custom Fields: Netaphor SiteAudit understands that certain printer information may not be obtained automatically. Hence, the Asset Tool allows users to create up to 15 custom fields, including text, number, and date fields. This invaluable functionality enables tracking of additional details such as contract names, expiration dates, or any unique information specific to your printer environment. Administrators can easily create, update, and populate these custom fields, ensuring accurate and comprehensive data tracking.
  5. Export and Import Asset Information: Maintain accurate asset information effortlessly by updating asset details directly within the SiteAudit database. Modify essential information like printer age, type, product number, and model, ensuring precise insights into your printing infrastructure. By eliminating the need for manual data changes on individual devices, this streamlined process saves time, effort, and guarantees data consistency across the organization.

The Netaphor SiteAudit Asset Tool revolutionizes printer management by centralizing configuration, data management, and reporting. It empowers organizations to optimize their printing infrastructure, make informed decisions, and enhance operational efficiency. With its comprehensive features and seamless integration, the Asset Tool is a game-changer for businesses seeking greater control and flexibility over their printer fleet.

Launching the SiteAudit Asset Tool

The SiteAudit Asset Tool can be launched from the SiteAudit Viewer > Tools > Asset Tool menu option.

The Asset Tool automatically connects to the same customer configured in the SiteAudit Viewer.