Asset Tool - Exporting Asset Data

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Exporting Asset Data with the SiteAudit Asset Tool

The SiteAudit Asset Tool can be used to change the value of asset information and custom fields. It is always recommended to first export the asset data, which creates a CSV file containing the existing information properly formatted. Open the CSV file in Excel, edit the desired fields, then save an import the modified file.

Before exporting, verify that 'Server' and 'Database' fields are correct

  1. Open the 'Netaphor SiteAudit Asset Tool'
  2. Click the button 'Asset Data'
  3. Select 'Export...' from the drop down menu

A File Explorer will appear once 'Export...' has been selected.

Select the folder where the file is saved and enter a file name

The exported data now can be opened with excel and modified with excel

A successful export log will also be displayed in the Asset Tool's TextBox

The file can be edited in Microsoft Excel and imported to update the customer database with the desired changes. The image below is an example of asset information that has been exported from a customer database.