DataPublisher and Licensing

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SiteAudit DataPublisher and Licensing

There are several license addons that can make the DataPublisher more robust.

Data License Types

  • DataPublisher
    • Required for the DataPublisher to work,
    • Publishes CSV reports
    • Publishes devices to the SQL reports
  • PowerBI
    • Publishes a SQL dataset of devices for PowerBI
  • Contracted
    • Publishes a SQL dataset of managed, unmanaged, and special unmanaged devices for SQL Reports and Power BI

Unmanaged and Special Unmanaged Devices

To use unmanaged or special unmanaged devices the settings IncludeSpecialUnmanagedDevices and IncludeUnmanagedDevices must be set to true in the PUBCONF file.

  • "IncludeSpecialUnmanagedDevices": true,
  • "IncludeUnmanagedDevices": true,

Viewing the Applied License 

To view which license bits are on the license, open the SiteAudit Viewer and select "Diagnostics" then select "Configuration Details" and the license bits are displayed in the "License Features" row.