Netaphor SiteAudit™ 7.5 Release Notes

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Netaphor SiteAuditâ„¢ 7.5 Release Notes

Aug 2022

New Features & Changes in Version 7.5

  • Improved discovery and monitoring performance
  • Local caching mechanism to prevent data loss
  • Remote DCA provides ability to monitor printers in remote locations
    • Ability to create remote DCA installer 
    • Install at locations outside corporate firewall
      • Data for Hosted environments are stored in the cloud
      • Data for OnSite environments are stored in a corporate database
  • Hosted
    • Tag / Find customer
    • Filters for Dealer Group
    • Notifier usage specified in Notification Configuration dialog
    • Improved security by running Notifications on the Management server
  • New fields added to Viewer, Analyzer, and BackOffice to distinguish data collected by remote DCAs
  • New conditions in printer accessibility threshold for remote DCAs and devices
  • New Firmware Threshold triggered on firmware change detection
  • New Notification Conditions
    • Asset Tag 
    • SNMP Version
    • Device Type
    • Firmware Version
  • BLI info for Sharp MX-Cx07P
  • Add support for Line Printers in Device Type
  • Organization update performance improved
  • SLA assignment performance improved


  • Installed with the Tools installer (obtained from
  • New licensing for DataPublisher features
  • Publish historical long-term data for new customers added to dataset
  • Publish managed/unmanaged/special unmanaged devices and data 
  • Ability to run post processing scripts on published database
  • Granular publishing of data categories



Counter & Consumable updates

  • MF745C/746C Total
  • Canon
    • iR1643 Total
    • GX7000 counters (Total, Color All, BW All)
  • Kyocera Mita Large/Small counts
    •  P-4020DN, P-4026iw, P-4536, P-5035i, P3155
    • 4053ci
    • ECOSYS M3145idn Total
  • HP M479fdw counter updates
    • T1700, XL 5100, Z6DR consumables
  • Ricoh IMC3000 B/W and Color large
    • C5550 scan counts
  • Xerox part number extracted from consumable description
  • Printronix firmware version


Hardware / Software Platform Requirements

This document contains the Windows platform requirements for SiteAudit OnSite & Hosted version 7.5 and later.  Support requirements have changed from prior versions including discontinued support for some operating systems and SQL servers. The .NET Framework requirement has been elevated and it is important for all machines running SiteAudit software to meet the minimum requirements stated in this article. 

Supported Microsoft Operating Systems

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11 
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022

Microsoft .NET Framework Requirement

All machines hosting SiteAudit software must have have .NET Framework 4.8. Most Windows operating systems are updated to .NET Framework 4.8 when the latest updates are applied. If SiteSite is installed on Server 2016 or Server 2019, then the framework must be installed manually.  NET Framework 4.8 can be downloaded from Microsoft Support 

.NET Framework

SiteAudit monitoring will not work on machines running older versions of Microsoft .NET Framework. Therefore it is imperative to ensure that .NET Framework 4.8 is installed prior to upgrading to SiteAudit version 7.5

Browser Support

  • Edge Chromium
  • Edge

Disk Requirements

The disk requirements for the machine where the DCA (monitoring service) runs has increased in version 7.5.  The minimum disk space must be available for use by SiteAudit installation and runtime files

  • 1-250 printers  (1 GB)
  • >250 printers (5 GB)

Microsoft SQL Server Support

  • SQL Server 2016 / SQL Express 2016
  • SQL Server 2019 / SQL Express 2019
  • SQL Server 2022 / SQL Express 2022

Network / Internet Connectivity

Data Collection Agents (DCAs), SiteAudit Control Panel, Viewer and other components such as Analyzer, must have access to the SiteAudit management server (Hosted) or SiteAudit database (OnSite). Hosted Data Collection Agents are updated automatically if the service is running.

SiteAudit Upgrades

All SiteAudit clients and tools must be updated after migrating to version 7.5.  Analyzer, Visualizer, DataPublisher, etc. can be obtained from the Tools installer on the Netaphor website. The SiteAudit Control Panel can be downloaded after signing-in to the management server website. 

SMTP Mail Service

SiteAudit OnSite requires users to specify the SMTP server to use to send email notifications and reports. The SMTP server should use a signed certificate. The use of a self-signed certificate may prevent SiteAudit from sending email.

SMTP Server Signed Certificate

It is best practice to use a signed certificate on the SMTP server used by SiteAudit