Exporting Discovery Configuration

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Exporting Discovery Configuration

The XML report export can be used to create be used to create a discovery configuration import document based on the current database's network and device discovery configuration, for use if creating or migrating to a new database.  This process makes use of the attached .view file and .xslt transform document.


  1. Extract zip file
  2. Load DiscoveryProgressTransformer.view in SiteAudit
  3. Export an XML report

Extract zip file

Download the attached zip file, and extract the contents, resulting in C:\DiscoveryProgressTransformer with contents of DiscoveryProgressTransformer.view and DiscoveryProgressTransformer.xlst by default.  The configuration of the .view file expects this particular path, but can be changed if necessary.

Load DiscoveryProgressTransformer.view in SiteAudit

Open the SiteAudit viewer, and load DiscoveryProgressTransformer.view.  This should display a view based on the Discovery Progress view.  Verify the data in this view is what is expected for export.  From the Reports/File Format Options/XML format options tab, verify the path for DiscoveryProgressTransformer.xslt.  If the location of these files have changed from the default, enter the corrected path for this file.

For more information on configuring reports, view Working with Reports.

Export an XML report

Again from the Reports menu, choose the Export option, and select XML.  Save to the desired location when prompted.  Open the file, and verify the contents are as expected and ready for import.

For information on importing configuration, view Importing Discovery NetworksImporting Discovery IP Addresses and Importing Discovery Ranges.

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