Reaching SQL Server Express Database Size Limit

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Reaching SQL Server Express Database Size Limit

SQL Server Express has a 10GB database size limit.  When this limit is reached while using SiteAudit, there are two different possible solutions:

  1. Migrate the database to a full SQL Server installation.  With this method, all existing data is maintained, and there will be no size limitation going forward.
  2. Create a new Express database, and transfer configuration from the existing database.  With this method, existing configuration information is retained, but the new database will not contain any previously discovered data.  Printers will be discovered and monitored from this point forward.  However, existing data that needs to be referenced can be viewed by selecting the existing database in the viewer.

This article covers option 2.  

Before proceeding, please stop monitoring.

This article assumes SiteAudit is installed on the same machine as SQL Server Express.  If this is not the case, please contact Netaphor Support for additional information.


  1. Create .bak database backup
  2. Send compressed .bak to Netaphor Support
  3. Create new SiteAudit database
  4. Restore .sab received from Netaphor Support

Create .bak database backup

From the SiteAudit viewer, open the SQL Query Tool, found in the Diagnostics menu.  From there, enter the following:


This assumes the name of the database is SiteAudit, so if it is not, replace SiteAudit with the name of the current database.

Once finished, compress it into a .zip file before sending.

For additional information on creating database backups from SiteAudit, reference this article.

Send compressed .bak to Netaphor Support

After contacting us that a SQL Server Express database transfer is necessary, please send us the compressed database backup using a desired method.  If a drop location is required, please let us know during the initial inquiry, and one will be provided.  Once we receive the backup, we will create a .sab backup that will contain the existing organizational structure, discovery, thresholds, notifications, and SLA configuration.  No monitored data will be included.

When sending us the database backup, please also include the versions of SiteAudit and SQL Server Express being used.

Create new SiteAudit database

Create a new database from within SiteAudit.  The easiest option would be to use the existing database name, and append a 2 or some other descriptor.

Restore .sab received from Netaphor Support

Once the new database has been created, select it in Database Configuration.  Once ensured it is selected, chose Restore (.SAB) from the Maintenance menu, and select the received .sab file.

When prompted for verification, ensure that the new database is selected for restoration, and continue.

Once complete, verify the expected notification rules and discovery configuration exist.  When satisfied, start monitoring.