Netaphor SiteAudit™ 6.6 Release Notes

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Netaphor SiteAuditâ„¢ 6.6 Release Notes

Version 6.6 Schema 895
August 2017

New Features and Enhancements

  • SiteAudit is now supported on Windows Server 2016 platforms, Microsoft SQL Server 2016, and also support for Office 2016 products
  • Heartbeat Monitor - this is a new feature that sends periodic email while the DCA is monitoring. This feature allows users to determine when a DCA has stopped monitoring, when the SiteAudit license is due to expire and other information. Please review the support article Heartbeat Monitor to learn more about this feature.
  • Provide support for Russian language
  • Add support for Sharp device firmware version
  • Add condition for printer accessibility alert code in notifications
  • Printer Age column added to all views
  • Duplicate column added to Incident History view that identifies printer generated alerts that are duplicates

Product Changes

  • A notice to restart the DCA monitoring service after making changes to the Application Settings appears if applicable
  • ZDesigner manufacture devices are now reported as Zebra
  • Include a condition for 'TONER IS OUT' in the Consumables Error notification rule
  • A default email address has been entered into the following product areas
    • Notifications > Email Configuration > Sender's email address
    • Scheduled Reports > Delivery Options > Sender's email address
    • Diagnostics > Email Event Logs > Sender's email address
    • Heartbeat > Sender's email address
  • Remove Canon scanners from the Canon Diagnostics view
  • Remove deprecated feature to filter inventory using a stylesheet
  • Modify trademark symbol (TM) in the subject line for Mail Server Configuration test emails to prevent mail server from blocking email
  • Disable the default logging of SubtaskCensus

Analyzer Enhancements

  • Add ability to import the following data into Analyzer
    • Jobs Analysis
    • Host Analysis
    • Host Server
  • Include the Notes and Comment fields in Analyzer
  • Modify the From/To dates in the Volumes template
  • Add Model to Analyzer template filters
  • Translate Type and Output in Japanese language

Counter and Support Changes

  • Improved determination of consumable replacements and thresholds for HP printers
  • Update for Kyocera Mita counters for the following models
    • P-4530DN
    • P-4030DN
    • M6526
    • M6535
    • M3540idn
    • FS-2100DN
    • P6036cdn
    • P6026cdn
  • Add support for Epson scan counts
  • Correction for Canon iR1435 Total counter
  • Include Canon tiered billing counters in Device Details and Raw Counters report
    371: Total (Full Color + Single Color 1): High
    372: Total (Full Color + Singled Color 1): Medium
    373: Total (Full Color + Singled Color 1): Low
  • Include the following Canon counters in Device Details and Raw Counters report

104: Total (Small)

106: Total (Full Color 2)

109: Total (Black 2)

110: Total (Single Color/Large)

111: Total (Single Color/Small)

112: Total (Black/Large)

113: Total (Black/Small)

118: Total (Single Color 1)

127: Total A2

133: Total A (Black 2)

148: Total A (Full Color + Single Color 2)

401: Copy + Print (Full Color/Large)

402: Copy + Print (Full Color/Small)

702: Receive Print (Total 2)

711: Receive Print (Full Color/Large)

715: Receive Print (Black/Large)

716: Receive Print (Black/Small)

725: Receive Print (Black/Large/Two-sided)

726: Receive Print (Black/Small/Two-sided)

Bug Fixes

  • Database creation time in Host Server Management has changed from UTC time to Local time
  • Fix #REF issues in Analyzer templates
  • Include Custom fields in Analyzer
  • Prohibit the use of the following characters in Notification rule names: \ / : ? " < > |
  • French spelling correction for Multi-function
  • Workaround for WMI error that prevented local printer counter collection when "/" is included in the name
  • Fix to allow Analyzer designer to import data on foreign operating systems

Platform Requirements

Refer to the following article for the SiteAudit Platform Requirements

Upgrading SiteAudit

Refer to the following article to learn how to Upgrade SiteAudit OnSite