BLI Analyzer QBR TCO Review - Gold Seal

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Netaphor SiteAudit Analyzer QBR and TCO win Buyer Lab Gold Seal. 

See the Buyer Lab Gold Solutions Review in the attached document at the end of this article

Quarterly Business Review (QBR)

SiteAudit Analyzer QBR is a solution which provides a set of analysis charts for reporting fleet performance established between the MPS partner and customer. The Analyzer Quarterly Business Review (QBR) solution provides the capability to make comparisons between actual and contract targets about inventory, volume, supplies, and user behavior.

Total Cost of Operations (TCO)

SiteAudit Analyzer TCO is a solution which integrates end user device cost with SiteAudit inventory and volume to provide a current and future state analysis. The solution provides SiteAudit partners with flexible cost models to calculate customer contract costs. These costs include hardware and supplies, supply yield, service and warranty costs as well as contracts using click per page (CPP) and fixed fee with CPP.

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