Netaphor SiteAudit™ 6.4 Release Notes

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Netaphor SiteAudit 6.4 Release Notes

Version 6.4 Schema 895
May 16, 2016

New Features & Enhancements

·         Add support for SNMPv3 for secure communications between SiteAudit and devices. See Configuring SNMPv3 Discovery Properties

o    Object browser supports browsing SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3 browsing

·         Introduction of tenant templates for SiteAudit Hosted. This feature allows the Hosted Administrator to share configuration information in one Hosted Client with other Hosted Clients. This time-saving feature provides consistency and allows rules to be managed and modified in a single location. Please refer to the Hosted Client Template Best Practices and Template FAQs articles for information about templates (This article requires partner access). The following configuration information can be shared with Hosted clients using another client database as a Template.

o    Mail server configuration

o    Thresholds

o    Notifications

o    SLA calendars and agreements

·         Automatic counter updates into e-automate using SiteAudit Analyzer.

·         SiteAudit BackOffice integration with WinServ

Changes from Prior Versions

·         Support for Office 2016 with Analyzer and Visualizer

·         Include version number and local printer communication times for BackOffice

·         Add Service Tester tool for OnSite to allow testing communication with the Netaphor mail service, auto update service, and hosted server access using Firewall Friendly key files

·         Non Hosted Administrator Viewer can now use Firewall Friendly key files

·         Netaphor event logs are now stored as CSV files under the Public Documents folder and can be emailed to recipients from within SiteAudit

·         Last Attempted Communication and Last Successful Communication times are now populated for local printers

·         New BackOffice data support

·         Support for Zebra model names

·         A new algorithm for estimating cartridge yield and supply pages

·         Analyzer enhancements

o    Allow OneClick users to adjust the time span and department to retrieve desired data and also allows retrieval of unmanaged device data when licensed

o    The Inventory time span can be modified

o    Analyzer no longer asks for confirmation when loading more than 100,000 rows of data

·         Threshold enhancements

o    A new consumable threshold keyword $CONSUMABLETYPENATIVE is available and is replaced with the consumable type integer

o    The default Minimum time before recurrence value has changed from 120 minutes to 525,600 minutes

o    A default consumable threshold rule has been created for use with WinServ. Users can modify and use this rule directly or use it as a sample when creating consumable thresholds

o    Last Modified column added to each threshold rule that indicates when the rule was modified

·         The Notify when resolved function for notification rules has been changed such that it notifies for incidents that have been resolved after the feature was enabled

·         More device matches using the Netaphor static database

·         The consumable description sent to Evatic is now based on the consumable colorant

·         It is now required to launch the SiteAudit Viewer as administrator when configuring

o    Database used by Reporting Web Site

o    Modifying the Audit report template

·         Fix for local printer discovery cases where SiteAudit could no longer collect data due to Host Credentials being overwritten

Counter Support and Changes

·         HP counter changes to support new objects that report B/W Usage, Color Usage, and Total Usage

·         Add support for HP DesignJet wide format counter variance due to firmware differences between devices

·         Samsung KS4300LX, X4220RX

·         Kyocera Mita P6035dn, FS-1118MFP, KM-2560, FS-3920, M6026cdn, FS-C1020MFP, FS-C8520MFP, FS-C2026MFP+, FS-1135MFP

·         Epson B/W All and Color All lifetime counters

·         Lifetime Counters for Canon LBP7760

·         Counter support for new Ricoh devices, IPSiO models and SG 3120SF models


Upgrading to Version 6.4

If upgrading from version 6.0 or later, your existing license will continue to work. During the upgrade, it is possible to include new features, which requires a new license to activate. It is always recommended to create a backup of the existing database before starting an upgrade. Use the following procedure to upgrade.

·         Stop the monitoring service and create a .bak backup of the database

·         Install version 6.4

·         Install the database schema from the Database Configuration > Maintenance menu

o    The upgrade can take from a few minutes to several hours to complete depending on the number of devices and length of data collection.

o    Clicking on the application while this process is running may cause a Not Responding message to appear. Do not force this process to terminate. A message will appear once the upgrade completes.

·         When the upgrade completes, restart the monitoring service

Upgrade Progress

Upgrades can take several hours to complete for large databases. The upgrade time depends on the size of the database, the quantity and type of data, and the version of software before the upgrade.  DO NOT STOP the upgrade once it has started even if the Viewer displays a Not Responding message. A dialog will appear once the upgrade completes.

The Viewer may take a few minutes to open the first time it is started after an upgrade while final updates complete. During this time, do not force the application closed.