Restoring a Demo Database

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    Restoring SAB Demo Database

    SAB backups / restores should only be done for quick assessments. Production databases should be backed up using SQL Management Studio or scripts that produce .BAK files. To create a backup of your database using SQL script, refer to the article Backing up Database using SQL Script.

    SAB files are backup files that are created from within the Netaphor SiteAuditâ„¢ Viewer. These SAB files can be restored into an existing database. This section describes how to restore an SAB file into an existing database. 

    Restoring a Database

    Restoring a database will overwrite all data in the existing database.   

    1. Select Setup from the SiteAudit menu. Then select Database from the drop down menu.

    2. Click the Maintenance and then select Restore (.SAB) from the drop down list.

    3. Select the database that you want to restore data into - note that all pre-existing data will be erased and cannot be recovered.

    4. Locate the .sab file to be restored into the current working database.

    5. Note: all existing data will be overwritten. Click the Yes button.

    Click OK after completion:

    Once this process is completed, any previous data will be replaced by the contents of the backup file. The database will be upgraded to the current schema version used by SiteAudit.

    Restoring an SAB file

    During the restoration of an SAB database, the progress indicator may not be present. Clicking anywhere on the application during this process may cause the application to indicate that it is not responding. However DO NOT force the application to close or stop the process. The restoration will eventually complete and a dialog will appear to show that the restore operation was successful.