Lifetime Counters View

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Counters in Lifetime Counters view
Lifetime Counters View

The Lifetime Counters view shows up to 27 lifetime counters depending on what is supported by a printer. A color MFP printer with copy, fax and scan may provide 20 or more counters, whereas a black and white printer may provide just a few.

All counters collected can be viewed in the Device Details or Raw Counters report; however, some counters obtained from printers may not appear in the Lifetime Counters view. This is because manufacturers support a wide variety of counts (some supporting over 1,000 different counters). The Lifetime Counters view contains a common list of counters that are widely used. 

All counter values are measured in number of impressions. The Total Usage, Color Usage and B/W Usage columns show usage values that are obtained by multiplying the number of impressions by some value that represents the paper size. This enables vendors to include paper size as a factor in billing. Usage values are not supported by the majority of manufacturers; two that do support them are Canon and HP.

Lifetime Counter samples:

  • B/W Print
  • B/W Copy
  • Color Print
  • Color Copy
  • Total
  • Sq. Meters
  • A4 Pages
  • Large
  • Scanned
  • Total Usage

The full list of available columns are shown in the column chooser on the right side of this page.

Applications and Benefits

The Lifetime Counters view is useful for:

  • Seeing lifetime quantities printed for various counters such as duplex, fax, scan, color, b/w and others.
  • For billing purposes, comparing the counter value difference between two dates to determine the volume printed.
  • Seeing what type of printing is being done. For example, if an MFP printer that supports copy, scan, fax and duplex is never used for these purposes, you might want to replace it with a simple printer.

Example: Total black and white and color impressions

A vendor that bills clients based on the total volume of black & white and color printing in a given period can use this view for the column totals, from which they subtract the previous period's totals to determine the billing volume.