Problem Analysis View

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Counters in Problem Analysis view

The Problem Analysis view provides information about incidents that have occurred on the printer since SiteAudit started monitoring it. 

Columns include:

  • Downtime - the amount of downtime associated with the incident type.
  • Critical Errors / Pages Printed - how many critical errors occurred based on the number of pages printed.  For example, there may have been 10 critical errors that occurred while SiteAudit was monitoring the printer.  During this period, 1000 pages were printed. So, the value would be expressed as percentage 10/1000 = .01 or 1%.
  • Service Fix time - how long it takes to remedy the errors that contribute to downtime.
  • Pages Printed - the total number of pages printed on this device since SiteAudit began monitoring it.

The full list of available data is shown in the column chooser on the right side of this page.

Applications and Benefits

The Problem Analysis view is useful for

  • Showing a summary of the number of errors that have occurred on a printer, associated downtime and service fix time.
  • Showing the number of critical errors / pages printed.  If a printer has a lot of errors and doesn't print much, it costs more to maintain
    than other printers and may be a candidate for replacement.

Example: Downtime of 8 or more hours

The following filter shows printers whose downtime is at least 8 hours.

The result of applying the filter:

Example: Problematic printers from MFP manufacturers

The following filter shows critical errors and downtime for printers from MFP manufacturers.

Specifically, this filter shows all printers from five MFP makers with downtime greater than one day, with an error frequency greater than 1% while printing at least 100 pages during the month. These are the problem printers.